Fall Fashion #OOTD

Hey, Fashion Friends!

Today I went to support my bestie at an event she put together for single moms. I’m glad I did it was an amazing experience especially to meet so many people men and women that’s just like you trying to reach goals, have a child or children needing help etc. Yes the event was for single moms but she had fathers there as well who actually spoke and opened my eyes to a lot of things.

I chose this look of course because it’s fall. This romper is filled with so many different leaves which is what autumn is all about. Here in Florida it’s not feeling like it quite yet but it’s looking like it.

I wanted to keep the color bold from head to toe so I chose to make the burgundy pop and since I have stored away in so many jewelry boxes and in my closet I decided to go with that particular color and I have to say it went quite well don’t you agree;)

Hope you guys enjoyed the look!


Hat//: Amazon.com

Romper//: Zara.com

Fur//: Amazon.com

Earrings//: CharmingCharlie.com

Bag//: Express.com

Shoes//: Forever21.com

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