My second look of my first photo shoot…

Hey Fashion Friends!

Ok so this look was inspired by the young lady I’ve always wanted to be, you know the one that has a 9 to 5 the corporate one, the one that carries a brief case into a glass building with 40 floors my office being on the 32nd floor yea her. It’s just too bad I’ve never met her. I’ve always leaned more towards the entrepreneurial lane. I chose this look expressing that, expressing the BOSS B$&TCH that I am even if I’m not in the corporate world.

I’ve always preferred for my lip and shoe to pop when I’m doing black and/or white. I actually had several pairs of pumps to pair with this look but it was something about the Christian Loubs Pigalle Follies Full Moon patent yellow that was a must. You can not go wrong with a bell bottom sleeve the collard really just topped it off let’s not leave out the patched bow that’s actually on the shirt nothing I added;) My pants were actually the start of the entire look.

Hope you guys enjoyed the look!





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