My First Photo Shoot…

Hey Fashion Friends!

So today’s blog is about my first photo shoot what I’m wearing and why I chose to wear it…

Funny how I’ve been into fashion seems like my entire life and then 34 had my first shoot. It was quit an experience. I must say I over thought about it (like I do everything). Preparing for this day which was a big day for me I found myself with about 10 different looks to chose from all lying across my bed, this had been going on for the past few months as I was very nervous and just wanted it to be perfect. As it got closer to the date of the shoot I’d reschedule nervous; why was I so nervous!? I’d always ask myself and to this very day I haven’t came up with a straight answer.

Once I’d stop rescheduling finally got the guts to actually go to my appointment date I found myself running late everything was a total mess and I couldn’t reschedule this time or I’d lose my deposit and so here I am now faced with the reality loosing my $150 deposit or taking the dang pictures well FF’s I took my pictures and I have to admit it’s not all fun and games. Not the first time at least no one told me you had to be in shape lol:)

I chose this sheer black bell bottom sleeve see through midi dress simply because It’s beautiful and I wanted to show some skin but still be grown and sexy at the same time. I paired a nude bra and panty set which completed my look and gave me exactly what I envisioned. You can pair this dress with so many different pieces- leggings, denim pants and shorts (just to name a few) even as a swim suit cover up. Styling this dress is endless.

Hope you guys enjoy the look!



Bra & Panty set://


Hand/shoulder clutch://


2 thoughts on “My First Photo Shoot…

  1. Hey Latonya,

    I tried clicking on your contact page but it just went to an overview of posts – I don’t know if I did something wrong but I at least would love to get in touch with you for a collab – do you have an email I can reach you on? Thank you so much – 🙂 Emily


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